Playing with emojis in URLs

Every passing day emojis are becoming more and more pervasive and ubiquitous in this digital world of ours: without considering phones and social networks, of course, you can find these cute (or annoying, or silly, whatever) and expressive images in email subjects, physical adv, written notes and, starting a few years back, you can even register a domain using emojis (yes, you can use a smiling cat emoji for your website address, with all the fun and problems it brings along)

Anyway, while browsing the web I came across a fun and nice article by Matthew Rayfield in which he not only puts emojis and other characters in the browser URL bar, but also plays with them with a small touch of javascript. This is one of the best examples he provides, along with a clever progress bar for videos: Playing with urls characters

Matthew ends his post hinting at the possibilities provided by other character groups, like Braille for example;that got me thinking and I started playing along with url emojis myself, and it was a fun and creative experience indeed!

Braille, for example, is a very interesting set which can be suitable for animations: with enough patience, time and skill you can even code a tetris/space invaders like game, using keys for movements. Results are awesome, as you can see in these examples: Snake, Url Zombies or Sudoku.

Here's the puny product of my little time of tinkering; if you find it inspiring and want to expand on this I'd be delighted to look at your results 😎

P.S. Mobile visualization sucks, I know - many browsers don't show enough url to appreciate this; landscape orientation helps but of course you get the best experience by opening the page on your desktop or (maybe) tablet.

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