I started tinkering with Arduinos lately in my (very scarce) spare time, but not having a formal electronics background I've struggled (and still do, actually) with some concepts that might be easy for an engineer but can be hard for beginners to understand. I've found myself, in fact, stumped a lot by these issues and that's why I eventually decided to put them down into writing, hoping to help my future self and anyone out there tired of getting frustrated every now and then by this cool hobby.

I'll skip everything regarding what an Arduino is, how to program it or in which language, or how to use a soldering iron or a breadboard - there are already thousands of better resources and tutorials out there on these topics.

ACFB: Arduino Concepts for Beginners

Articles on software/hardware concepts not specific to Arduino but concerning electronics in general - something many tend to gloss over when starting out (I for one), the "making" part being usually the most rewarding and satifsyng.

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Component Insights

A bit more info then the average tutorial on the most common sensors/modules used in a beginner's project.

Cover photo by Harrison Broadbent on Unsplash